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Hi english readers !

By 09:50

Hello !

According to my statistics, 1/3 of my visitors are english speakers. If you are one of them, can you read this blog with google translate easily ? Or would you prefer if I try to translate some of my post myself ? ( I'm not a perfect english writer, but I am better than google translate !). If yes, what kind of posts ?
I'm curious about what you have to tell me !

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3 commentaires

  1. Oh, your English here is very good! :D

    GoogleTranslate is okay, but sometimes things can sound a little strange or unclear! Some bloggers (like BraNightmares and DrueberundDrunter) write out their blog in their usual language and then write a synopsis at the end in English, maybe that would be helpful and not too hard? xx

  2. Yes, please provide English translations! Thanks! Your English seems quite good.

  3. My first french+english post is online !